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Our featured product RAMPEX-PRO

Engineered and Manufactured in Germany

Due to the patented lamella construction, you get special benefits compared to pure rubber buffers:
  • 01 High durability Due to flexible lamella design between the steel plates

  • 02 Reduced costs Due to long service life and lower maintenance costs

  • 03 Equal load distribution Due to the higher strength steel plate and the unique construction.

Due to its unique design, the SGF dock buffer RAMPEX-PRO is perfectly suited for loading ramps with high loading frequency.

Thanks to its elastic contruction, trucks are docking softer to the loading ramps. This protects the trucks as well as the building structure.

During loading the goods onto the truck, the trailer moves up and down. The SGF dock buffer follows this movement vertically up to ± 50 mm, which avoids damage to the truck buffers. In case of bigger movements, the trailer slides easily along the steel plate.

The patented lamella construction between steel plates allows a significantly longer service life compared to conventional rubber buffers.

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IB Blumenauer was founded near Kassel in 1984 with its core area in the distribution of machine tools and spare parts for the metal producing and metal working industry. Sales areas were and still are the former Yugoslavia (now the seven new states), the Eastern bloc states, Egypt and the Near East. And that was just a beginning…

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